What can you do?


What you can do

Make a donation

You can help us by making a donation. Every contribution matters

(beneficiary : The Angkor Tree Project vzw in Haacht-Belgium.)

Alternatively you can make a  transfer to our bank account:



In Belgium (euro-zone)


IBAN BE87 5230 8077 3894 – BIC CODE TRIOBEBB

Beneficiary Name: The Angkor Tree Project vzw, Donkstraat 61 – 3150  Haacht

Donations are eligible for tax relief.

The official statement from the Belgian Ministry of Finance concerning tax relief can be downloaded here

In Cambodia 

Account nr: 001 268 239

Beneficiary Name: Teacher Development Support Organization

Beneficiary Address: Treang, Sla Kram, Siem Reap

Beneficiary Bank: Advanced Bank of Asia

Beneficiary Bank Address: 148, Preah Sihanoul Blvd, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Join one of our teams

Our project drives on the ongoing efforts of many volunteers. We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated, and skilled collaborators who want to spend some of their time assisting local English teachers

What we are looking for is more personal qualities rather than degrees and certifications. Still, being trained and having experience in teaching English is required. We especially welcome teachers, trainee teachers, and TEFL or TESOL certified teachers.

It is essential that a volunteer is able to adapt to the local situation (don’t expect high tech classrooms, your creativity is all we have). Patience, cheerfulness, and understanding are the most important.

Our volunteers are of major importance to the project. We cannot exist without them. And although it is not paid, we are expecting volunteers to conform to the same basic rules as any other employee: classes start on time, programs and methodologies need to be observed, you are expected to behave ethically at all times. Before starting your job as a volunteer we will, therefore, ask you to agree and to sign the code of conduct.

We expect a commitment of no less than ten weeks. This is to ensure some continuity and consistency towards the students and the local co-teachers.

For our Teacher Training Program, we are looking for very specific profiles. We need highly skilled and experienced people who are available for the entire module or program. We are looking for language specialists and teaching-techniques gurus! 

We have an introduction workshop guiding you through the do’s and don’ts of the Khmer culture for all volunteers.  For teachers, we have specific workshops and coaching.  Don’t forget that you will be teaching English to people with whom you have no language in common at all. And that requires a specific approach. Helpful documentation for volunteers, practicalities, lesson plans and teaching tips are available.

We always do a background check on the volunteers. That’s part of our child protection policy. So, don’t be surprised if you are asked some questions or recommendations from people who know you.

Moreover, we can help you in finding a safe place to stay. There are plenty of possibilities in Siem Reap, from cheap dorms over guesthouses to high-end boutique hotels.

We will guide you through the Khmer food variety. During weekends you can visit the beautiful region, including UNESCO World Heritage Angkor Wat.  We will guide you through the jungle of local sim cards, internet connectivity, transport, and so many other things. And in case of emergency, we know where to find a good and reliable doctor or genuine medication.


Organise an event

Many organizations, both profit (businesses) and non-profit (schools, youth organizations,…) regularly organize events for charity.

Organizing such events is important because

  • they are a substantial contribution to the financial resources of the project
  • they also increase awareness of participants, people get informed on what happens in the world around them
  • and last but not least, organizing these activities boost the team-spirit in your organization.

Why organizing a team activity is important for your organization

  1. Connect– Team building activities create connections that support the work teams do, whether they are a meter or a world away from each other. Consider joining groups that don’t typically work together to help everyone get know each other better. This leads to stronger connections and improved communication.
  2. Inspire Creativity – Getting your team outside of the daily routine provides a fresh perspective on how the team works and how they approach challenges in the workplace. Giving a team a new challenge in a fun and supportive environment can inspire the creative ideas that lead to success.
  3. Align with Vision – Successful achievement starts with knowing what the end goal is. When approaching a team building event for a day or an afternoon, teams work through different challenges and activities from beginning to end. This shared sense of purpose can point back to how work goals and deadlines align to the mission of the entire organization.
  4. Encourage Problem Solving – Bringing a team together to solve a basic problem, like building bikes or a wagon for a charitable cause, requires strong communication and a common sense of purpose. Team building events also provide time for reflection on how the process worked and how the team interacted, encouraging your team to rethink work challenges and search out creative solutions.
  5. Have Fun – As the boundaries between work and personal life grow more fluid, encouraging fun and workplace camaraderie is an essential tool to the engagement that every leader strives to achieve

When you consider to organize a team building activity we can actively support you with ideas, motivational speakers, presentations (power point), photographic materials etc … Contact us for more information.

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